On 30 September 2016 Chardon Pharma created its third spin-off company: Orexa BV. Orexa BV develops a series of pharmaceutical products to prevent and treat malnutrition.
On 16 January 2016 Chardon Pharma created its second spin-off company: Digest-Inn BV. Digest-Inn BV develops an applied game for the treatment of obesity
On 18 March 2015, Chardon Pharma won the Investors lounge at the annual Health Valley event.
On 12 January 2015 Chardon Pharma created its first spin-off company: E-Assyst BV. E-Assyst BV develops an e-health solution to support the treatment of gambling addiction.
On 1 December 2014 Chardon Pharma started a clinical study in endometriosis patiënts to characterize and quantify pain complaints. The study is a collaboration with the Rijnstate hospital in Arnhem and the Radboud University in Nijmegen.
On 3 February 2014 Chardon Pharma filed its third patent, entitled: ‘Use of selected N-phenyl benzamide variants for the stimulation of osteoblast activity and for the treatment of Osteoporosis and related disorders.’
Chardon Pharma B.V was founded in 2011. Its mission is to capture and build upon expertise in the area of pharmacology and drug development, and to make that expertise available for the discovery, selection and development of new drugs, biomedical treatments and new formulations of known drugs. Chardon Pharma acts as partner, both with expertise and financially, in collaborative research projects. Chardon Pharma offers techniques, models and laboratory facilities on contract basis. Chardon Pharma is embedded in academia, in the Donders Institute for Neuroscience of the Radboud University, and consists of a small team of drug-hunters with a track record in the pharmaceutical industry.